Prices include everything your pet will require to be happy away from home throughout his stay. He will have a suitably sized enclosure, catering to his species specific requirements with the correct substrate, bedding, and enrichment items. Any food your pet requires is also included during his stay.

Just bring your along your pet and we provide the rest!

However, if your enclosure is of an average size, is easily transportable and you wish for you pet to remain in his own environment, you are more than welcome to request this option upon booking. This is a popular option for birds (which can be susceptible to stress due to a change of cage and toys), and smaller pets such as indoor rabbits and guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils etc.  

We can accommodate most animals, so if your pet is not listed below please get in touch for a quotation.



  • Rabbit £55 per week

  • Guinea Pig £55 per week

  • Chinchilla/Degu £55 per week

  • Ferret £55 per week

  • Large Parrot £65 per week

  • Small Parrot £55 per week

  • Cockatiel/Budgie £55 per week

  • Finch £35 per week

  • Chicken £55 per week

  • Rat £55 per week

  • Hamster £35 per week

  • Gerbil £35 per week

  • Mouse £35 per week

*Prices may vary depending on your individual pets requirements, sizes of cages and whether you have multiple pets cohabiting. Please get in touch for a more accurate quotation.


Leicester, UK


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